6 things you may not know about postpartum

It was a long 9 months and the moment is finally here, everything you’ve learned about about your new baby is about to be put to the test and you know exactly what to do. However, after you bring your new bundle of joy home reality sets in, you look in the mirror and begin to realize the toll birthing a child has taken on your body. Slowly, you begin to notice changes in your body no one told you about.

Here are 6 things to know about your postpartum body:

1.) You will lose a lot of hair

Three months after I had my first son, I was taking a shower one night and noticed my hair falling out IN CLUMPS. I instantly panicked! My beautiful, thick hair I grew out all pregnancy was started to thin out right in front of my eyes. I’ve never had so much hair fall out at once, I seriously thought something was wrong. Turns out, it was just one of the things apart of postpartum and no one told me.

2.) Postpartum depression doesn’t always mean crying

Anxiety is typically often undiagnosed as postpartum depression because new moms naturally seem nervous. With my first child I remember sitting in the dark bedroom in the middle of the day crying. With my second, I didn’t cry, but I became extremely anxious. To the point that I couldn’t sleep because of fear something was going to happen to my children. Neither being anxious or sad is a reason to be ashamed. If you feel like you’re going through postpartum depression reach out and talk to someone.

3.) You’re still going to pee on yourself every time you cough

Thought that was over after you popped the kid out? Nope, think again. Thankfully, it doesn’t last too long. However, I wouldn’t stray too far from the bathroom if you’ve got a cold.

4.) Oh and Speaking of the bathroom…you won’t be pooping anytime soon either

For scientific reasons I don’t quite understand, you will be constipated right after you give birth. If you had that problem during pregnancy, I’d go ahead and stock up on some stool softeners and fiber one bars before you head to the hospital. Just trust me on this one.

5.) Your legs and feet will swell

Thankfully, I’ve never experienced swollen ankles or feet during pregnancy. Right after I had my second child though, I remember my feet swelling so bad I couldn’t fit into my favorite pair of chacos without having to loosen the straps up. Fortunately, for me it only lasted about two weeks, but it’s known to last longer.

6.) Your cycle is going to change

The first period after birth is the worst. I’m not even going to sugar coat that one. It down right sucks. It’s heavy and typically more painful. I started my period 4 weeks Postpartum after I have my first child and have yet to start my cycle again after having my second child four months ago. Even though I have mini panic attack thinking I could be pregnant (I’m not!) I know Every body is different and every pregnancy is different.

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