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Blue Porch Ceilings: A Southern Tradition and Why

If you were to take a stroll down to any southern state and explore around the historic districts, you’ll notice most homes have one thing in common, blue porch ceilings.

Or as most southerns may call it “Haint Blue

Haint is a variation of the word “haunt” and down here in the Deep South not only are we superstitious, but we like a little tradition too. For decades, people have been painting their porch ceilings this famous bluish-green color for more than one reason and here’s why:

1. It keeps evil spirits at bay

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Dating back over 300 hundred years ago, this stylish trend was started by the Geechee people, who were African-American slaves brought to work mainly in the South Carolina and Georgia on Plantations. They believed that a haint was an evil spirit trapped between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Rumor has it, that these spirits fortunately had one true kryptonite: water.

And lucky for us, this watery color often confused the haints, scaring them off for good. Soon, everyone was painting their doors, trim and porches to keep the spirits away.

2. Repels insects

Sherwin Williams Embellished Blue

Now, if your aren’t very superstitious this might be a more sound reason. Some southerns theorize that the blue porch fools insects into thinking it’s the open sky, instead of a safe haven to build a nest. This has yet to be scientifically proven, though most will still swear by it.

3. It appears to extend daylight

Sherwin Williams Bravo Blue

We are always complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day and some might say they figured out a hack to help extend those hours just a wee bit longer with this intriguing blue. Since the light, airy, color often mimics the sky– it can seem though it isn’t as late, when you’re enjoying some cold sweet tea during the summer under your colored porch you may lose track of time.

I could probably list about 30 more reasons to convince you to paint your front porch this traditional color, however, it’s quite obvious that IT JUST LOOKS GOOD.

Not quite the colors you had in mind? Try these other great colors by Sherwin-Williams that are perfect for your porch ceiling:

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