It’s okay to cut out negative people, including family

It’s okay…

It’s okay to cut out negative people in your life..even if that includes family. It’s the ones who constantly stress you out, who never visit or much less call. It’s the ones who have known you all of their life…but still manage to disappoint you.


It’s okay to not visit them anymore or to ask for help (because let’s face it, they were never there anyways.) And It’s okay to move on with your life without them in it.

What’s not okay is making someone feel bad for doing so

People don’t wake up one day and decide to remove family from their lives, it’s something that’s built up. Day after day, year after year. There’s only so many times you can break a promise before someone stops believing you.

It’s okay to be happy with or without them.

“Blood means you’re related, it doesn’t make you family

“In your twenties, you realize that blood doesn’t always mean family and home is not a place.”

Photography by Jennifer Blake

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