2019 Trending hair colors and styles (pin now, read later)


Trending hair colors for 2019

2018 has come and go just like my plum colored hair. I’ve blinked and the whole year has flown by without hesitation. With 2019 approaching fast (literally right around the corner) it’s time to be thinking of a new shade and style! Now, lets get down to business we’ve put a list together of 2019’s trending hair colors and styles. 

The 2019 (hair) color forecast is here, so get ready to pin because these looks will be hot this year.

Don’t click each picture for awesome products to help achieve each look!

1. Rose Gold Balayage

2. Copper

3. Black and Gray

5. Dark Red

6. Black Balayage

7. Classic Blonde

8. Rose Gold (vibrate)

And Finally…

9. Sweet Caramel

These 9 trending colors are going to be popular this year, so get ready to pin these inspiring hair styles because you’ll definitely want to show your With all these choices I legitimately have no idea which one to go with! Which one is your favorite?

Don’t click each picture for awesome products to help achieve each look!




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