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Concrete Countertops you’ll want for your home (pin now, read later)

Concrete countertops have slowly been taking over farmhouses one by one for the past few years now and honestly, I just can’t ignore it anymore.

Between the fresh, industrial feel and clean, rustic look, concrete countertops are suiting the farmhouse style so well that Joanna Gaines herself has featured them in her hit tv show “Fixer Upper” and even in her personal home as well.

These versatile slabs of rock are ideal for any countertop space, whether it being inside your master bathroom or your outdoor entertainment area. They are perfect for any area.

Concrete countertops are actually a reasonably less expensive route to take versus granite, but due to the ability to mold it while wet- the shape, thickness, color and texture can be customized as well to your own personal taste.

Here’s a few personal favorite concrete countertops for different areas in your home:


When you think of countertops-often you think a about kitchen areas, however they aren’t the only rooms in the house that need that extra storage. Concrete tops are perfect for all different areas of the house.


Outdoor Entertainment Areas

When it comes to entertaining guest outside, outdoor kitchens are progressively becoming more popular. Concrete countertops are perfect for these area due to its durability towards weather.

Interested in learning more about concrete countertops? Contact Dustin Schwaiger at Dustin Schwaiger Construction.

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