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Unique (and easy!) DIY Valentine’s Day box

I’m usually the queen of procrastination, but when it comes to making things, I typically jump on the opportunity without hesitation. As soon as Tripp told me he wanted make a “treasure box” Valentine’s Day box for his classroom, I immediately went on Amazon to get everything I needed to complete the project. Furthermore-lets get down to business!

I’ve also provided links to some awesome stuff that will help complete these seriously adorable boxes, just click each picture for great deals!

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What you’ll need:
-Empty shoe box
-Brown, Red, and Black paint
-Paint brush
-Construction paper
-Clear tape

First, paint the outside of the shoe box brown and allow to dry. In the mean time, cut out cardboard to place on top of the shoe box (2 pieces like the picture below, and one rectangle the same length as the shoe box to drape over it.) Once painted like the bottom, you then can decorate as you like. Tripp wanted to keep it simple, so we used construction paper and gold coins (not pictured) Since Tripp is only 5 we decided to use clear tape instead of glue for an easy clean up!

Savings hack: Check out your local Sherwin Williams paint stores for any “mistinted” paint, the usually sell it for a HUGE discounted price. This gallon was only $7.00

What kind of Valentine’s Day box did you and your children make? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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