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DIY How to Paint a Wall Mural

Working at a paint store has it’s perks. One being when I decide to tackle a spur of the moment DIY project at midnight like painting a wall mural, I’m always prepared to do so.

There’s something aesthetically pleasing to me about an accent wall in a bathroom, especially one that’s easy to create without breaking the bank. Here’s how my DIY wall mural turned out, how I did it and a few tips on doing one yourself:

You may remember when I updated this half bath last summer with awesome finds from bargain hunt. However, it really needed something else because the decor alone just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

For months I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy with my powder room, I knew something was still missing from this room.

Something like….

An accent wall

Originally, I wanted that powder room to be simple and minimalist-like, however-now…I realize that’s not me. I enjoy bright colors and things that stick out so I needed a pop of color in some way without it being too feminine so I could cater to both mine and my husbands tastes.

When I began brainstorming about this a few months ago, I was completely set on buying a roll of wallpaper to slap on the wall, but- knowing how unpredictable I am when I comes to decorating, I knew deep down it needed to be paint because I’m fairly certain in a few months I’ll want to redo it again and need something that’s easy to paint over.

Here are a list of supplies you’ll need to complete this fun project for under $75:


Paint (I personally like to use the sample quarts of paint from Sherwin Williams for projects like these, plus you can get just about any color for less than $10.00)

Painters tape

Paint brush

Styrofoam bowls

Good music

And maybe a beer or two!

Like all my DIY projects, this one wasn’t any different when it came to planning it out and going in a certain direction- because there wasn’t one. I just grabbed a few brushes and went to town. Using pictures like these below, that I found on Pinterest for inspiration.

With a little help from my husband, I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted and began to draw it out with a pencil, while he removed light switch covers and shelves, ultimately making this late night project a bit easier on me.

After I got done scribbling on the wall like a 4 year old, I washed down the wall with a natural an all purpose cleaning concentration, made by Grove Collaborative (more on this product coming soon!) to remove any grease or loose dirt, so the paint can adhere to the surface.

Then it’s time to tape off every single thing. And I mean everything- especially if you’re messy like me and you’re working in a newly remodeled bathroom!

You will need reenforcement.

Once your prep work is complete though, it’s time to start mixing paint to get your desired colors for reach mountain.

I decided on these colors based on the main bathroom color, Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams because I knew I wanted that to remain a warm neutral and add Refuge as a pop of color and a little dramatic effect.

Above, is a picture I made to help explain what I mixed together to get each color and how you can too:

1. Balance Beige + Extra White

2. Balanced Beige

3. Balanced Beige + Extra White + Refuge + Tricorn Black

4. Balanced Beige + Extra White + Refuge

5. Refuge + Balanced Beige + Tricorn Black

6. Refuge

7. Refuge + Tricorn Black

8. Tricorn Black

Now that we have our paint recipe, it’s time to get to work!

Starting at the top, carefully make your way down with each color and allow each one to dry before starting another.

I then used an artist brush to smooth any lines over and fix any details that may have been missed originally.

Andddd Tadaaaaaa

It’s finished!

Check out these results:

What did you think of this project? Have any suggestions on how to paint a wall mural?Comment below and let me know what you guys think and Don’t forget to pin them now so you can look back at them later!

Until next time!

Xoxo Macy

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