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Simple DIY Teacher Gift that your kiddos can help make for the end of the school year!

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to be thinking of an end of the year gift for those heaven sent teachers! We owe so much to them! I mean after all…they do put up with our kids everyday, haha!

But with all jokes aside. We do. They have our children 30ish hours out of the week and if they are special needs like mine, YOU KNOW THEY DESERVE THE WORLD.

However, if you want to opt out of purchasing an extravagant, expensive gif– here’s an idea on making one that’s actually meaningful and will be more appreciated.

I mean, honestly…what’s cuter than a homemade gift that says “thank you” than giving a well thought out DIY present you made with your kiddo?

Here’s what we did this year for ours:

There truly aren’t enough words I could scream to the wonderful teachers that helped my child grow this year. We truly owe them much more, however that’s why I wanted to make a DIY end of the school year gift to show we truly appreciate them.

We had in mind that we wanted to give them a flower or plant of some sort, but when I came across this for less than $8.00 I couldn’t say no (I even sent a picture to my husband for a mother days present hint!)

Considering, I’m a huge succulent fan and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like them, I chose this to work with because not only are they totally adorable, but super easy to care for and keep alive!

Here’s a few things you will need to complete the project like us:



Soil (cactus soil)

Plastic Dinosaurs


Below are pictures of my process of replanting them, but I waited on decorating them until my son was home from school so he could help.

Now this is the fun part of the project. Letting your kidddo decorate the plant to suit your child’s personality. I let his creative juices flow and he loved every minute of it.

So, when I asked my son what he would like to add to this, he replied without hesitation, dinosaurs.

So, dinosaurs it is… and I couldn’t have been more pleased with them however, the possibilities are limitless!

Here’s how our gifts turned out:

And complete with a note like this tied around and it’s perfect!

I mean how cute are these?! AND I made all 4 for less than $15! Not only was I able to accomplish a personalized gift, but one that didn’t leave me broke!

Like this idea? Let me know! Comment what other accessories you like to throw with your succulents to give as gifts!

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Plastic Dinosaurs

Plastic Dinosaurs

I am a wife and a mother just trying not to forget the clothes in the washer, again. When I’m not coordinating colors for clients, I’m out in my garden tending to my succulents or paint abstract art for my Etsy shop • • Want to chat? Shoot me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Jessi

    I love this idea so much! You’re right… if you don’t know whether or not you love succulents or not…the answer is: YOU DO! I’m definitely doing this project- and since I have some dinosaur loving gals here at mí casa, we will definitely do some with dino’s and maybe even some with domesticated or jungle/ farm animals too! Also…The marbles add a special touch that I personally love as well! BOOM… teachers gift on a budget! Thanks for doing ya thing girl- I love this idea!

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