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Sensory Bin: Sight Words

Needed some fresh ideas for your Sensory Bins that include sight words? Look no further because we’ve got a fun project for you!

If you’ve been following along you know I’m constantly trying to keep my five year old busy until school starts back. Yesterday, we visited our local Dollar Tree and came back with new supplies for our newest sensory bin.

Sight Word Sensory Bin

Here’s what you’ll need:
(I bought everythinf from Dollar Tree, however I have linked all my supplied here on Amazon)

Clear Container


Pipe Cleaners

Alphabet Beads

PomPoms (for added color)


Hole Puncher


After you combine the rice, beads, and Pom poms- it’s time to make the site words you’ll want your child to work on. This part is also super easy and quite self explanatory, once I cut out the words I used a pipe cleaner to lace through the hole to help hold the beads that spell out the word in place.

And that’s it. Super easy and fun too!

What are some fun Sensory Bin ideas you and your family do together? Comment below and let me know! Until next time


Pom Poms


Pipe Cleaners

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