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CHEAP Gift Wrapping Ideas using Brown Builder’s Paper (pin now, read later)

Well the holiday are finally here and it’s crunch time for gift shopping.

Since Black Friday is just around the corner, I’ve decided to tell you guys about something I’m doing this year instead of buying all that pricy wrapping paper.

This holiday season, I’m trying something new when it comes to wrapping gifts. Instead of buying different, colorful wrapping paper like I do every year. I wanted to try something more simple (and less expensive!)

So, I looked no further than my own work place and saw a large roll of brown builder’s paper.


Because for less than $12.00 at your local Sherwin Williams you can purchase a 35in x 166ft roll for endless possibilities for wrapping gifts not only for the holiday season but other occasions too!

The following are a few fun ideas to do with the builder’s paper for this holiday season:

The possibilities are limitless when you start with a blank canvas. Use fresh greenery from outside or a roll of twine from your local craft store to add a classy look

Print off old pictures and tie them with twine If you have children, this idea is a fun personal way to decorate a package for a loved one. Have the child color the gift with different colored sharpies and decorate it with stickers. Not only is this a perfect way to keep the kids entertained while you wrap gifts, but they always turn out so cute!

Use stamps for easy patterns and twine for a classic finishing touch.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite wrapping idea?

Happy Holidays


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