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Stop what you’re doing and go buy yourself a succulent

It’s not just obvious that these little guys are completely and utterly adorable in the kitchen or office area of your home, but they are beneficial too! If you don’t already own a few of these bad boys, then I highly suggest you stop what you’re doing and go buy yourself one or twelve.

Here’s why…

They help you sleep better

While most indoor plants release carbon dioxide at night, Succulents are one of the very few plants that do not. Instead, they continuously produce oxygen throughout the night. Studies have shown that the increase of oxygen levels ultimately result in a better sleep. This reason alone makes them an ideal plant for the bedroom.

They have the ability to heal wounds

Succulents are more than just decorative pieces for the kitchen area, they can also heal wounds. One specifically is the Aloe Vera. This unique plant contains a gel like substance used to reduce pain and inflammation. This is old news though, it has been used throughout history to naturally soothe burns and cuts.

You basically can’t kill them

Better known for being low maintenance, Succulents are one of the easier plants to maintain. One of their many super powers is their ability to retain water, only needing it every 7-10 days with plenty of natural light.They’re ridiculously cute

I shouldn’t have to explain this one, I mean have you them?

They make the best gifts

Recently, I’ve come across one of my favorite reasons to check the mail and they come in a small white box. Succulent Studios is an affordable monthly subscription that comes with two different succulents. Hand picked and shipped right out of California, these little guys are sure to make the perfect gift that everyone can enjoy. Click here for more information Succulent Studios

**This is not a paid ad. I am not affiliated with Succulent Studios these are my own opinions.

I am a wife and a mother just trying not to forget the clothes in the washer, again. When I’m not coordinating colors for clients, I’m out in my garden tending to my succulents or paint abstract art for my Etsy shop • • Want to chat? Shoot me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

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