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Bedside Table Decor Idea

Bedrooms are meant to be peaceful environments where we feel we can let go and just relax- your bedside table should say just that. Here’s a simple decor idea for your bedside table.

Recently, I decided to give my bedside table a new makeover when my thoughtful best friend brought me home some dried lavender (because of course he knows what I like) and since I knew I wanted to display them- I thought what better place than right beside the bed!

Dried lavender is a great addition to bedside table considering it not only gives off a soothing and relaxing scent, but it give the room a natural-feel

Here- I decided to add a couple more things due to limited space. A wooden bowl that I scored from Dollar General for ONLY $8.00 and a fringed shadow box, I got from Bargain Hunt for $10.00. Ultimately, making the look I was wanting come together.

I am addicted to good deals, So be sure to click the pictures for awesome deals on items like you see in this post!

Do you like this tranquil vibe for the bedroom? Let me know what you guys think below in the comments!

Until next time-

Xoxo Macy

I am a wife and a mother just trying not to forget the clothes in the washer, again. When I’m not coordinating colors for clients, I’m out in my garden tending to my succulents or paint abstract art for my Etsy shop • • Want to chat? Shoot me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

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