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Top 5 Colors by Sherwin-Williams for 2019

Wanting to give your house a new makeover, but not quite sure where to start? Trends move quickly in the world of color so to help keep you up- here’s a list of the top 5 colors by Sherwin-Williams for 2019.

1. Agreeable Gray

SW 7029 Agreeable Gray- Before I even opened the new pamphlet of the Top 50 colors, I knew instantly SW 7029 Agreeable Gray would be the number one on the list and without I know why. This warm gray is the perfect neutral for any room- especially open floor plans offering a fresh look for those who aren’t into the cooler grays.

2. Repose Gray

SW 7015 Repose Gray- After using this color in two houses now, I can fully stand behind the fact that this color is quite the chameleon. In one house it had a cooling undertone, while in another it was much more warm. It’s definitely one you need to sample before buying.

3. Accessible Beige

SW 7036 Accessible Beige- Needing a color that goes with both blacks and browns? Well, look no further. This shade is far from a true beige. It’s lack of pinky-ness points it more towards the taupe family, so don’t let the name fool you. I’ve proudly sported this shade in our half bath along with a mural I did for an accent wall.

4. Tricorn Black

SW 6258 Tricorn Black- Needing a true black? Look no further. Tricorn Black is what you’re looking for. It’s lack of any undertone makes it the picture perfect shade when needing that solid color.


5. Kilim Beige

SW 6106 Kilim Beige- Unlike the previous beige mentioned this little guy has a yellow undertone, giving it a soft caramel feel. Pair it with a black to bring it that modern twist so it doesn’t look like 2003 is making a comeback.

The information provided above is based on 2018’s top 50 ranking.

Have you used one of these colors before? Comment below and let me know!

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